Yare & Bure One Design Scrutineering guidance

1 Owners must remember that the Class we sail is a one design and all boats should conform to the original Ernest Woods design except where variations are specifically permitted in the Class rules.

2 A newly built boat will be subject to compulsory Scrutineering during the course of construction, for which a fee will be payable to the Class.

3 Any boat wishing to remain in Class may be subject to scrutiny at any time – not just when work has been carried out.  In this case a fee would not normally be payable by the owner, any fee would be paid by the Class

4 Any repair or maintenance work carried out on a boat should ensure that boats remain a one design.  This is the Owner’s responsibility whether the work is undertaken by a professional boat builder or by the Owner personally.

5 To achieve this, Owners are strongly recommended to engage one of the Class Scrutineers to advise as necessary on significant repair work.  This is not compulsory, but by involving a Scrutineer, you stand a much better chance that the repaired boat will still conform to the rules and be a Yare & Bure.

6 The level of involvement of the Scrutineer will depend on the complexity of the repair work being carried out, but the following examples may help:

6a. Re-decking – Scrutineer should check hull shape before new deck is fitted and also when work complete. 6b. Replacement keel – Scrutineer should advise before the keel is shaped and examine finished keel. 6c. New spars – Scrutineer should examine construction and advise on location of rigging and fittings.

7 It will be the owner’s responsibility to pay any fees charged by the Scrutineers for their advice and time.  This should not be expensive and in any event will be a lot less costly than finding you have ended up with a repaired half-decker which is no longer a Yare & Bure.

8 To assist in carrying out significant repair work, a set of moulds and patterns, copied from the originals, has been commissioned and will be available to hire from the Class.  These will be the same as used by the Scrutineers and should reduce Scrutineering costs during a rebuild.