Day Sailing

As an owner of a Yare & Bure, you will have a boat designed for, and perfectly suited to, exploring the Broads.

Novice helms will be amazed at how easy the boat is to sail – the handling is so well balanced.

For day sailing, the spacious cockpit will accommodate six people with ease. Alongside the aft part of the cockpit are long side benches, whereas the front area is kept clear for the crew. There are plenty of storage lockers, as well as shelves alongside the seats.

A gunter rig makes it easy to raise and lower the sails, and makes the mast easier to lower for bridges. The large mainsail will catch the breeze over the trees on wooded sections of the Broads and will make for fast progress on more open water. When the power needs to be turned down, the mainsail has three reefing positions. The boat’s manoeuvrability makes it possible to sail up the narrowest of waterways as well as avoiding danger, should the need arise.

For longer excursions, the flat floorboards provide an area 11 feet by 4 feet, which gives space under the standard tent cover for cosy family camping aboard. The generous lockers in the bows and stern, as well as those beside the tabernacle, can stow all the essentials needed for several days’ cruising.

YBODs are also extremely easy to helm or crew and are ideal family boats, for cruising and racing, as demonstrated by the number of young families sailing in the Class.