Class News

Yare & Bure Class letter

February 2022

Dear Yare & Bure owner,

Your new committee has met for the first time since the AGM. Our aim is to issue a class letter after each committee meeting, combined with keeping the website up to date and refreshed, we hope to keep you better informed on class matters.

You have a new secretary in Kath Mason and a second hand class captain! The new season is approaching relentlessly and hopefully without interference from covid and its variants, and Mr. Putin’s territorial ambitions.

The committee looked at the survey results. Some were deemed inappropriate, some were individual club issues or a matter for protests, which are also club issues. We will publish on the website all the races/activities around the clubs which are appropriate to Yare and Bure sailing, during the season. The website will be linked to ‘Facebook’ for those that use it, but the information will automatically go to the website for those who don’t.

Some would like to see more social activity in the class. Of course, the last two years have been unusual, but we will see what we can organise. We have a ‘sail loft’ meeting at Jeckells, organised for 6.30 pm 7th of April. It is not my intention that the class secretary should be encumbered with organising social events but will help with communication. We do not have a social secretary, so if you want it, you know what to do. Ideas are always welcome.

Neville Khambatta is heading up a sub-committee, working with Paul Gilden to produce a working guide to help builders and restorers to interpret the class specifications.

The IBTC at Oulton Broad now has Grayling 19, and is looking for a sponsor/s to help restore her. Any said sponsor might have the opportunity to own her after restoration is complete. If you are interested, please contact Maynard Watson or the college.

The committee next meets on 8th. July. In the meantime Happy sailing.

Simon Daniels