Class Minutes

The Minutes of Yare & Bure Class AGM held by Zoom (digital platform) on Friday November 27th 2020 at 7:30pm


NB Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic the AGM could not be held as normal so was held electronically using Zoom, a digital platform.  Twenty-five boats were represented by their owners and a list of those present has been kept on file.


  1. Apologies: These had been received from T. Power, P Hornor and Ms H Llewellyn-Davis.


  1. Mins of 2019 AGM: Were agreed via voting slips sent out in advance.


  1. Matters Arising from 2019 AGM Mins: None.


  1. Captain’s Report 2020:

No doubt most clubs and associations will be starting their annual report with similar words namely “what a strange year…”

However Broads sailing clubs have done their best to keep their members engaged and to my knowledge most clubs have offered some sort of racing even though not as we have known it.

The YBOD Class Association has done its best to function, holding one committee meeting in January and another online in August. It is difficult to distil any great achievements arising although a quick check of the committee’s January minutes indicate the committee had good intentions to increase the social offering, ways to promote the class together with the normal administration. Unfortunately for obvious reasons the social events and promotion have not happened.

On a more positive note and through the good offices of Alister Bourke there has been set up an YBOD Facebook page and likewise an Instagram account. If you have not signed up or are having any difficulties please contact Alister through Heather. The Committee have put in motion exploring some YBOD merchandise including T shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts etc. with possibly a new logo which I expect will be available for purchase through the YBOD website. It is hoped that once this is up and running it will provide a small income from sales for the Association.

Although there have been some notable renovations of wooden boats over the last few years, which is excellent, regrettably I have to report (as you all know) that there are a number of boats up for sale largely wooden ones. I see no easy solution to this situation and I see it as a combination of demographics, ageing wooden boats and the availability of fibreglass boats with their reduced maintenance costs. It anyone has any clever ideas how to deal with this please let me know! On the plus side it has been reported to the committee that a further boat has been commissioned for build by a local boat builder and I look forward to seeing this new boat on the water.

I would like to thank the committee for their help and support during this rather strange year and particularly Heather without whose assistance I am sure the Association would just not function. Also special thanks go to Peter Hawes and Paul Watson who are stepping down from their respective positions. Just a reminder that Heather (after many years of service) has said that she will step down as Secretary at the 2021  AGM. I sure there will be lots of people who will wish to volunteer for this essential position so please do not be shy and wait to be asked, please step forward as soon as possible! Similarly I will be stepping down at the same time so a similar request applies. Finally I would like to wish all members the very best. I can only hope that 2021 brings a more positive outcome for everything including sailing.

Keep safe

Clive Gardner

  1. 2020 Accounts: These had been sent out in advance via email and were agreed by those attending.


  1. Nominations for Election to the Class Committee 2020: Voting slips had been sent out via email prior to the meeting and sufficient had been returned to the Secretary to elect the following:


Captain:                       Clive Gardner

Secretary:                    Heather Evans

Committee:                  Neville Kambatta

                                    Simon Whipp

                                    Paul Carrington

                                    Kath Mason

                                    Alister Bourke

Scrutineers:                  Maynard Watson

                                    Chris Bunn       

                                    Ben Knight (Trainee)

                                    Mark Easton (Weight)   

Sail Measurer:              TBA

Sailmaker:                    Jeckells


  1. A PDF TRACK CHANGE COPY OF THE RULES including the proposed amendments: (see separate attachment).

The Captain, aided by Simon Whipp, explained that the pandemic had showed the need to allow electronic online meetings be that at AGM, EGM or Committee level.

It had become apparent that certain items specified in the Rules were becoming difficult to obtain and that this might be exacerbated by Brexit and Covid.  Therefore, a rule to allow the Class Committee to temporarily permit the use of a suitable alternative material for building or repairing a YBOD should a shortage of the specified material occur, up to the next AGM, was required.

The remaining tracked changes were merely a tidying up exercise with no rule changes as such.

Voting slips had been sent out via email prior to the meeting and sufficient had been returned to the Secretary to agree these Rule changes but those attending via Zoom also showed agreement via a show of hands.


  1. Formal Meeting closed at 7.50pm


  1. Opportunity to discuss AOB: (items brought up here will not have been before all Owners prior to the meeting so can only be considered.)
  • The Secretary reported that a new YBOD, number 144 Essex Emerald, had been completed by Swallowtail boat yard for Mr Swann and that Maynard Watson had carried out the scrutineering.
  • Geoff Evans asked the Class Committee to consider ways in which to raise the profile of our “wonderful boats” in the coming season. He had suggested a “Try a White Boat” event previously and hoped the Committee would agree to this and other promotions.
  • Alister Bourke explained that he was undertaking promoting the Class on behalf of the Committee and had set up a Facebook and Instagram account for the Class. Unfortunately this season had turned out not to be the best one to get this going but he was hopeful for 2021.  He was also designing a new logo for merchandise which the Class could benefit from.  Once agreed the Committee would be advertising the merchandise to the Owners.


The Captain thanked all those attending and closed the meeting.